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Happening team

What is Happening Team?

Happening Team, the leadership for each Happening weekend, is comprised of youth and adults who have been through Happening. Many of us have taken the journey before, and feel called to return and show others the way up the mountain.  For those who wish to apply for Happening Team:


  • Happening Team is a ministry of servant leadership.  Everything we do is to facilitate an open and welcoming environment for participants, and to foster a healthy environment for seeking and exploring our faith in community.

  • Happening Team are expected to have a healthy level of participation and leadership in their home parishes.

  • Happening is about Christian faith, and all applicants should be able to stand up and share openly and honestly and to say, “This is what my Christian faith means to me.”

All team training and planning meetings are REQUIRED. Team members are also required to arrive at 9:30am on Friday of the Happening weekend. School absence letters are available upon request. The Happening Team fee is $100.

Scholarships are available upon request. Please contact the Happening Leadership at for more information.

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