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Happening adults

What does it mean to be an adult at Happening?

While Happening is planned and led by youth, we need adults to serve as chaperones and support the youth throughout the weekend. Adult chaperones are not required to have attended Happening in the past


  • All chaperones are required to be up to date on SafeChurch training before the start of the Happening weekend

  • Chaperones are expected to stay for the entirety of the weekend to provide consistent support for the youth leaders and participants.If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact Happening Leadership.

  • Chaperone needs are based off of youth participation. Some events may require fewer chaperones than others, so please be mindful that your application does not guarantee that you will be needed. Happening Leadership will be in contact about your application status.

Adult chaperones are welcome to attend Team training. Adult members may begin arriving at 9:30am on Friday of the Happening weekend, and should arrive no later than 9pm of the same day. The Happening Team fee is $100. This fee can be waived for college chaperones upon request

Please contact the Happening Leadership at for more information.

Team Applications 


Team Training



Team Arrival


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