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What is Vocare?

“Vocare” (pronounced "voh-car-ee") is a form of a Latin word meaning “to call.” The Vocare weekend is a renewal weekend addressed to college students and young adults (ages 20-30) in the time when they face many serious decisions that set the direction for much of their adult life.

Shall my life be self-centered, work and career centered, pleasure centered, or God centered? What will be the most important of these activities, and how can I keep them all going at the same time in a way that makes my life blossom and enables me to live in harmony with creation and God?

Christians who have received the gift of God’s Holy Spirit in the sacrament of Holy Baptism are called by Jesus Christ to grow throughout their life in an intelligent understanding of God, in adoration and love for God, in praise and thanksgiving, and in readiness to serve others in His name. How are we going to gain the skills to do that?

The one thing you have to offer your God is your life at its deepest level, how you use your thoughts and attitudes, how you spend your time, and what you say and do with others around you. All the rest God has already given to you. Now let’s see whether we can help one another to answer the calling God has made to you through Jesus Christ, the Lord of our lives.

Come if you’re a young adult and pass the info along to all the young adults you know! Pilgrim and team application links are below.

Who can attend?


Open to adults in college and between twenty and thirty years-old. First time participants attend Vocare as "Pilgrims." Once you have been through Vocare once, you are eligible to serve on Vocare Team. There is no fee for pilgrim registration.



Vocare Team is a dedicated group of adults who plan and lead each Vocare weekend. The Team fee is $50. Apply for Scholarships here.


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