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What is Happening?

Happening is a spiritual awakening and renewal weekend where high school students (Grades 9-12) have a face-toface encounter with the love of Jesus through Christian community. This is done through a series of talks, given by youth and adults about their experiences in faith and in life. 

This weekend is honest and up-front. The weekend follows a format of talks, each followed by small-group discussion and activities. Topics covered throughout the weekend include prayer, faith, Jesus, and out individual calls to ministry in the world. Scattered between the talks and small group sessions are lots of fun songs and games, and worship through liturgies that youth may or may not have experienced before. We come together for praise, for reconciliation, for healing. Of course, there are a few fun surprises throughout the weekend! 

Who can attend?


Open to all high school students grades 9-12. First-time participants attend Happening as "Happeners." Once you have been through Happening once, you are eligible to serve on Happening Team. The cost for participants is $150. Registration for For Happening 85 is open! Find the registration link below!



Happening Team is a dedicated group of high school students (Grade 9-12) who plan and lead each Happening weekend. Adults are part of a team as chaperones, but the youth make it all "happen." The cost for team is $100.


For more information about Happening Team, please CLICK HERE


Apply for Scholarships here.


Happening #85

February 23-25, 2024

Drop Off: 7:00pm
Pick-Up: 4:00pm
August 1!

What Youth Say

"Of any church related event I have ever attended, Happening had the greatest impact by far. Through Happening, I was able to find a true connection with God through the experiences I had as well as the people present to guide and support me on the Happening Team. I feel that, after attending Happening, I am able to see Gods love in the world around me more than ever even on the days where it seems nothing good could happen. Happening helped me to grow as a person and especially in my faith as even on those dark days I look back to Happening as a source of hope, and as a way of identifying that same light in my surroundings."
-Jason K. 
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