What to expect- 

7:00pm Check-in

7:05pm Introduce Discussion

7:20pm Small Group Breakout

7:30pm Large Group

7:40pm Compline

8:00pm See you next time! 

Small Groups Discussions-

Over the next few months, we will begin to explore The Way of Love, practices for a Jesus-centered life. We will share stories and reflect on how people turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest. All while trying to serve God and their neighborhood in their context.


What is Compline?

Compline is a series of prayers descended from the night prayers said before bed. Compline is a simple office including a confession of sins, one or more psalms, a short reading from scripture, versicles and responses, the Lord's Prayer, collects/prayers which ask for God's protection during the night to come, and our own prayers and thanksgivings. 

An Order for Compline


  • September 17th

  • October 1st

  • October 15th

  • October 29th

  • November 19th

  • December 3rd

  • December 17th

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Travelling the Way of Love

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